“Our stories, in all their beauty and heartache, shape and influence every dimension of our daily life and relationships. Knowing the impact of our story and finding God’s redemptive work within it is vital for emotional, relational, and spiritual formation and health. Our culture often encourages us to focus only on the positive experiences and put the painful ones behind us. Far too often, when the true impact of our stories of wounding and heartache go unaddressed, we find ourselves bound to unhealthy and unfulfilling patterns without hope for change.

Giving ourselves permission to explore how the goodness and pain in our life have shaped us opens the door to transformation and a deeper capacity for joy, intimacy, and fulfillment. To Be Told is far more than the popularized movement to “know your story.” It is an invitation to truth-telling, healing lament, deep soulfulness, and lasting change.”
– The Allender Center

We value every single story at Pulpit Rock.

It’s what makes us who we are. Learning how your story fits into God’s story is crucially important to your growth. The To Be Told Conference is a great place to start on this journey.

Hear are some thoughts from some who have gone through the To Be Told workshop…

Like finding new keys to an old locked door, working with Marisa and To Be Told has been a wide eyed experience full of wonder and exploration. Delving the depth of my story while holding space with others has awakened me to a new perspective of what God has done, and continues to do as he redeems each of our lives.
-Mike Rowe

I used to think I needed to put my past behind me and move on in order to find happiness. I wondered why I couldn’t find true peace and contentment until I realized I was numbing the pain of past wounds at the expense of my own joy. To Be Told has taught me that digging into my story – both the good and the not so good- opens the gateway to hope, healing, and true transformation.
-Marisa Wandeler

The material from To Be Told and the discussions we’ve had in the class have been life changing. Studying my story has been an extremely difficult task, but oh, so worth it! For the first time, I have truly been able to see and accept the value in ‘being’ instead of ‘doing.’ This is hard work, to be sure, but learning to co author your life with the God of the universe is such a privilege.
-Caitlin Garrett

Attending the To Be Told class with Marisa Wandeler has been a gift into who I am and how God uses the stories of my life to bring me closer to Him and His purpose for me in this world.

Each day my awareness increases as I learn how to recognize my moments of Shalom, to trust God with the times of shattered peace (both now and in my past) and I’m learning to lean in to Him for restoration of my hope. I’m learning to build on and stand on the life I’ve lived to be (and become more of) the person God intended and to give more of me without fear to those around me today.

I recommend the Dan Allender, To Be Told conference coming February 9th & 10th as a wonderful place to start your journey with God into your life story—it a gift to be opened with abandon.
-Linda Thornton

Join us February 9th (6-8p) and 10th (9-4p) for a video conference featuring Dr. Dan Allender. Conference fee is $35 and childcare (birth-5th grade) fee is $5 per child. Childcare must be reserved by Monday, February 5th.

Reserve your spot here.

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