What is First Table?

First Table is a lunch with several of our staff and pastors. We sit around a table and share some about our church and answer questions you may have. It’s the best place to start if you’re new here and checking things out.

Why is it called First Table?

We talk a lot about the Table at Pulpit Rock, in fact you can check out a series we just did here. We don’t want to overwhelm you with a bunch of content, we really just want to get to know you and hear more of your story. We believe a table is perfect place to do it. If you’re ready to get connected we are happy to help, but we also know that you may have bunch of questions and just trying to see if things fit.

Sometimes you even need a place to belong before you believe, so wherever you are in your journey with God, you’re welcome at our table.

When does it happen?

The first Sunday of each month immediately following second service.

I have already attended Starting Point. Is this something different?

First Table is actually the new name for Starting Point, so if you have already been to Starting Point it will be the same thing.

However we are excited to announce…we are launching Second Table starting November 1st!

This is the next step towards connection and getting plugged in at Pulpit Rock. We recommend that everyone that has attended Starting Point or First Table make it a point to attend Second Table. There will be a bunch of new content, three more meals and lots of chances to connect and go deeper in community at Pulpit Rock.

Want to join us for First Table?