Summer is coming and we can’t wait!

So you know that this summer Thomas is taking a sabbatical.

But in case you are anxious about what we’ll do without him around, we’d like to put your mind at ease.

No, scratch that.


Some churches might be subpar without their senior pastor. Some might even fall apart. We are not “some church.”

So what’s the plan is while he’s gone?

Let’s put it like this …

Buckle up! This summer is gonna be RAD.


Sermon Series:

Angry Jesus, BBQ Evangelism, Worship: Coloring Outside the Lines, Grace People


Jonathan Cleveland, Suzy Bates, Kyle Collins, Rowland Smith, Cindy Limbrick

Special Guests:

Bonnie Aldrich, John Ritner, Yemi Mobolade, David White, Wade Brown

Special Events:

Mission Trips Haiti, Ethiopia, Cortez, Week on Mission

Sports Camp | June 25-29 A week of Basketball, Cheerleading, Martial Arts, Soccer, Team 45, songs, fun, and Jesus.

Summer Celebration Service | July 29 It wouldn’t be summer at Pulpit Rock without our annual Summer Celebration Service and all-church picnic. Food trucks. Giant inflatable. Water guns. Outdoor games.

Basically what we’re saying is…

You might miss Thomas while he’s gone, but you are not going to want to miss church.

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