Why We Don’t Have A College Program

We want Pulpit Rock to be a place where college students find it easy to connect, grow and serve. We desire to create even more opportunities for students to connect, find community and grow here within our existing church body.

The Ask a Moms in Action

This past week I got to see our Pulpit Rock Ask a Moms in action at UCCS. These ladies visit the campus about twice a month to hand out snacks, love, and mom advice to any student that is interested.

A Holiday Pop-Up Shop

It’s Black Friday. If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume you’ve opted out of the usual Black Friday Christmas shopping frenzy. And if that’s true, then you’ll be excited to read this post about our Holiday Pop Up Shop!

Awaiting the Arrival

As Christians, we celebrate the first arrival of a man not from our world … Jesus Christ. Return with us this Advent season, as we put ourselves back in the steps of those first followers of God, watching, waiting, wondering.

Repairers of the Breach

This has been an extraordinary week in America. There is a lot of fear and anger. In many ways our nation feels more fragmented and divided than it did a week ago. Setting aside political affiliations for a moment, how do we walk as Christ followers in these days? We pray for our nation and ourselves.

This Is Our Story

We have been in our new sanctuary for a month. Each week we get to enjoy the newness, the beauty, and the deep rest that follows a time of displacement. However, there’s so much we don’t want to forget. We have so many stories to tell. So we’re sharing them here in an effort not to forget the many great and wonderful things God did for us this year.

On Lightbulbs and Such

I was was recently reminded how many little things – things that I never think about – are needed to keep life smooth and functioning. Things like lightbulbs. Pulpit Rock Church exists to help people journey with God. And we can’t do that without lightbulbs.

The Robber of Joy

As Thomas has been leading us through Ecclesiastes, I have been giving thought to how disruptive discontentment is. I have found when I allow it to take root, it ends up being all consuming. But there is always a path of joy.