Women's Ministry

At Pulpit Rock we have taken our Women’s Small Groups outside of the church walls and put the ministry into the hands of the women themselves. It is the women who are sharing with transparency, vulnerability and authenticity who are “doing” the ministry.

To assist you, we offer the traditional Bible Study, an online study through the IF Ministry called IF:Equip and our connection groups, the IF:Table.



This is an online study posted daily by a team of women with IF Ministry who are passionate about knowing God, reading His Word, and helping women in their spiritual journey.

The premise of IF:Equip is that you do the daily study individually, then you meet weekly or bi-weekly with a group of women for discussion of the study. Discussing a portion of Scripture within a group can be very helpful in understanding and applying the Word to daily life.

You have the option to select the current study or to select a previous study.

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The IF:Table is a once a month meeting of a group of 6-8 women coming together for the purpose of a meal and connection through conversation.

The meeting time is two hours and can be a dinner, lunch, dessert, brunch, coffee with sweet breads … you decide. Some groups choose to have group members contribute towards the meal or refreshment while others have the hostess provide.

This time is designed to promote transparency and authenticity with each other.  Discussion questions are available if you want to use them; often times, the best conversations are the ones that flow from general “life” topics.
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For those of you who prefer a more traditional method of Bible Study, we have groups who meet together regularly using Scripture and/or curriculum.

The days and times of getting together will be determined by the individual groups.

The traditional study will be available in the fall, after our summer break.

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Please contact Diane if you are interested facilitating a group in your home, being a part of a group, or if you have any questions.