Stand Firm.

Ephesians 6:14

IF:Gathering 2017

There is something so freeing when Jesus proves bigger than your small acts of service. When His words speak louder than a microphone and when His Presence takes your breath away, you know you’re doing something right. More than any other year, IF:Gathering 2017 was all Him and He showed off.

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We’re hearing things…

As we get deeper into this pursuit of joy, the stories are rolling in. We wanted to give you a place to share these stories. So this post is yours. Send us your stories and we’ll publish them here.

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How Do I Fit In?

As women’s ministry transitioned from Bible study at the church to creating IF:Tables in our homes, I felt the Lord was leading me to host an IF:Table. As we have met once a month, I have seen a bond between the ladies as they help each other in times of need. All it took was a leap of faith in what God was asking me to do.

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the most helpful spiritual truths


people with God and each other


God in his work serving the world

Small Groups

We have small groups that meet throughout Colorado Springs Sunday through Friday.

Some small groups meet in homes, some meet at the church, but all of our small groups are focused on intentional discussion about our journey with God.  You could connect with an existing group or help us launch a new group.

Find a group.

Marriage Ministry
  • Marriage Events
    We have regular opportunities to connect with your spouse and others at our church.
  • Marriage Coaching
    A couple-to-couple relationship that uses helpful tools to identify the strengths in your marriage and equip you to optimize them.
Sunday Morning

Sunday morning groups typically meet year round during one of the worship services.  They are a great place to connect to our church family.

  • Duke Group – Rm 108 (9:00 AM)
  • Growing Together – Rm 108 (10:30 AM)
  • DeFoggi Group – Rm 104 (10:30 AM)
  • Restoration – Rm 110 (10:30 AM)
  • Living God’s Word – Rm 113 (10:30 AM)

We also offer classes 5-9 week classes on various topics. Watch for details on specific classes.


Women's Ministry

The focus of our Women’s Ministry is to encourage women in their pursuit of God through the study of His Word and community.

Our Women’s Ministry is comprised of four components:

  • Bible Study groups
  • IF Table
  • IF Conference
  • Large group gatherings

The days and times of weekly small group are determined by the individual groups. The IF Table and the large group community event happen monthly.  If you are interested in participating in Women’s Ministry please contact Diane Stermer.


Need help?
The List has resources (counselors, hotlines, books) we recommend for times of crisis.