Our next marriage event is right around the corner! Still thinking about whether you should attend? Here are some thoughts from a few people who have attended past events …

My husband and I aren’t historically ‘date night people.’ We figured, why spend money on a babysitter and going out when we have a few hours after bedtime together anyway? But parenting gets a lot harder with two kids and a few years without many breaks.

We were intrigued when the double date marriage event happened and felt like leaving our kids in a comfortable setting like church was the perfect chance to try out date night. It was a great time with friends we would have never carved out time with otherwise! Since then, we have made more concentrated effort to have adult time outside of the house together.

It’s definitely worth every penny we invest in our marriage as more than just co-parents.

Denise LaPlante

I have to admit I was a little hesitant to attend my first marriage event at Pulpit Rock. One of the few times David and I got into a heated argument was on the way to a marriage conference! I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun we had as we watched the “Pulpit Rock Not-So-Newlywed Game”. It was a joy to get to know some different couples from church who weren’t afraid to joke around.

After that, I began to look forward to future marriage events. One that created a memory I will always cherish was a scavenger hunt. As David and I raced around University Village checking off as many items as possible (we are a little competitive), I couldn’t believe that my husband agreed to dance with me in a parking lot. He turned up the music and off we went dancing into the night. I was a little embarrassed as a  college student walked by, but relaxed when the young man said he thought it was great to see a married couple dancing together.

This reminded me how important it is to keep connecting as a couple, and Pulpit Rock marriage events do just that.

Brenda White

We valiantly competed in the Marriage Hunger Games, Pulpit Rock’s first marriage event and it was a blast!

The event was unlike any other date night we have had before. During the “game,” my husband and I were challenged with going on a scavenger hunt, completing innocent dares, and discussing meaningful, marriage related questions.

We loved being able to laugh together, be spontaneous together, and share hopes and dreams together. It was inspiring to watch other couples too, as they let down their guard and participated in the games.

Our evening ended with hilarious recaps from the evening, and a time to meet and connect with our competitors. I am not creative enough to pull off a date night like this alone, so I am grateful to our marriage ministry for planning an amazing night for our behalf!


My husband and I have attended every marriage event the church has had in the past few years and have thoroughly enjoyed each one for different reasons.

As we are competitive people, we loved racing other couples and competing in a race of sorts to complete activities as a couple. Any time we can be together without our kiddos and work together on completing a unique project…we thrive as a couple.

The second marriage event pushed us outside our “bubble” as we asked another couple we barely knew to meet us for dinner. We now have a friendship with this couple that we never would have had if we had never been asked to do this.

Lastly, our small group completed a scavenger hunt of sorts while serving the community and deepening our connection with each other. We were challenged to work together as a team while solving problems.
Each marriage event has pushed us to community with other believers and within our own marriage.

Kristina Wrobleski

Just Do It: A Marriage Event

Happening Friday, September 9th.
6:00 – 9:30 PM

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